I Love Your Heart And Soul

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"I honour the place in your where the entire universe resides... a place of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom. I honour the place in you where when you are in that place and I am in that place there is only one of us."


From Natural Selection

"While these organised structures might look like the work of an artist, they’re actually just the remnants left behind where a sand bubbler crab’s been snacking. 

During low tide they exit their burrows (as seen in the top pic) to scour the sand for tiny bits of organic debris in a radial motion. While eating, the crabs ball the excess sand on their heads, then discard it when it gets too big for them to see over, leaving behind a remarkable-looking reminder which helps them keep from searching for food in the same sand twice.

Each time High Tide returns, the small structures crumble and are washed away, all while leaving behind more food particles to fuel the tiny crab’s next accidentally artistic pursuits.”

Source: http://tinyurl.com/7vpzwj8
Video of the Sand bubbler crab in action:http://vimeo.com/6449515

Why do scorpios always look so frustrated?



because they see people pretending and acting and lying and see right through it and it makes them lose faith in humanity. they just want people to be real and honest.

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This is the official ‘i care’ symbol. This is how it works:

Basically you reblog this, and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at their message.


pebble path LOVE nee Flowers Garden Love




Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

Pretty much the only decent buzzfeed article Ive seen in forever

Ayyyy this is fantastic


destroy the idea that biological families are more valid than other forms of family. destroy the idea that your parents/sibilings/extended relatives have an inherent right to be a part of your life if you dont want them to be

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Simple and true….

“Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune.”

Deepak Chopra (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Be your best self! inspiration positive words


Texas Lightning by Kelly DeLay

“The longest road to finding yourself is the one that begins at home, and ends at your home.”

― Ian Ségal (via psych-quotes)

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